February 2012 News

January 2012 was the busiest month in the Manna Food Bank’s 23-year history. The food bank’s volunteers served 721 clients; 433 adults and 288 children. Download a PDF of the Client Numbers from 1998 to January 2012.

We wish to thank the following not-for-profits and businesses for their generous donations in early 2012: Three Square Feet, The McConnell Foundation, the Extra Helping Campaign from the Ontario Association of Food Banks, and Wal-Mart through its MasterCard campaign.

Manna Envelope Campaign

Keep an eye open for a pre-addressed envelope for Manna scheduled to arrive in the next few weeks in your Examiner and Weekender. In addition to receiving food donations, The Manna Food relies upon monetary donations to purchase required food items. Some send in a cheque right away, while others tuck the envelopes away to use later in the year. We are grateful for your contribution to those in our community who need help putting food on the table.