Foods We Need

Foods We Need

There are several dropoxes where you can leave your non-perishable food items for Manna.

  • Gagnon’s Your Independent Grocer – just beyond the checkouts as you head out
  • Food Basics – beyond the checkouts on the right just outside the first exit door
  • Bracebridge Sportsplex – just inside the main entrance on the left

We are grateful to these business owners and the Town for supporting Manna.

Non-perishable foods we need include

FishRiceWhite Sugar
MeatCerealPowdered Milk
MilkMacaroni & CheesePeanut Butter
Pasta SauceBaby Formula
Canned PastaRolled Oats
Canned FruitCanola Oil
Apple Sauce

January 2018: Please note that we do NOT currently need dried pasta, chickpeas, lentils or tomato soup. Our cupboards are full to bursting with these items.

Due to health regulations we are unable to accept home-made items. We also ask that you please ensure items are un-opened and have not passed their “Best Before” date.

**If you wish to donate reclamation goods or perishable items such as in-season fruits, vegetables, or meat, contact the food bank at 705.646.0114 or to make arrangements.

Thank you for supporting Manna!