Monck Scares Hunger

Monck Scares Hunger

October 22, 2018 — Three cackles for student parliament, the student body and the staff at Monck Public School as they embark on their We Scare Hunger campaign!

In addition to much deliciousness and spooky fun, they’re raising awareness, empathy and non-perishable food donations for Manna along the way.

Cookie-Gram anyone? In exchange for two donated food items, kids can have a cookie-gram delivered to a friend (or maybe to themselves.)

Haunted House(s): The kids have rigged up several haunted houses to delight and terrify their classmates; tamer for their younger peers, and terrifying for the older ones. The cost of entry is a food donation.

Running Scared: Those who love to run will get some extra motivation on this trot, as they’ll have some grade six monsters on their tails.

All of it will culminate with the students bringing their donations over to the Manna Food Bank on October 31st, followed by a Monck Halloween assembly and celebration of the local impact the students are making.

Thanks for everything you do!