2018 Fall Food Drive Kick-Off

2018 Fall Food Drive Kick-Off

Volunteers unpack and sort donated food at the Bracebridge Fairgrounds
Volunteers unpack and sort donated food at the Bracebridge Fairgrounds

September 13, 2018 — Mark your calendars, Bracebridge! The 2018 Muskoka Oldtimers Fall Food Drive for Manna is taking place on Tuesday October 2, and the Oldtimers need you!


Oldtimers Fall Food Drive 2018
Date: Tuesday October 2nd, 2018
Meeting Place: Monck Public School Gym
When: Just before 5:00pm
Collection Drop-off: Bracebridge Fairgrounds

A message from Muskoka Oldtimers Fall Food Drive organizer Rob Fraser

With Thanksgiving just a few weeks away, the Muskoka Oldtimers are once again organizing the drivers/collection portion of the annual Manna Food Drive. This is our 27th year organizing the largest food drive of the year for Manna.


Sorting donations at the Bracebridge Fairgrounds
Sorting donations at the Bracebridge Fairgrounds

We are once again looking for your support this year in offering your time (and your vehicle) to help us support those in need in the Muskoka Region. Email me at rob.fraser@tldsb.on.ca to sign up or for more information. We broke our records last year, having collected over 15 000 lbs of food and $4200 in monetary donations!

As most of you have already generously donated your time in the past on this evening, you are aware of the following:

*The time commitment required would be from approximately 5 pm to 9pm (usually earlier)
*Students will accompany you in your vehicle to act as “runners”, going door to door on specific routes to collect donations.
*Once your route is complete, the collections are to be dropped off at the Bracebridge Fairgrounds.
*We ask that you offer a safe ride home to your runners. Students
who live far out have been asked to arrange their own ride home, to meet them at the Fairgrounds.


The Fall Food Drive is the largest foodraiser of the year for Manna
The Fall Food Drive is the largest foodraiser of the year for Manna

In order to reduce the amount of wait time in the gym at Monck, drivers will receive their route number with their confirmation email. When you are matched with your runners (please read below on the new process), you will then register. At the registration table, you will be able to say (for example), “Rob Fraser, Route 66. My runners are Simon Fraser and Declan Fraser.” You will receive your package and be sent on your way!

I will no longer attempt to match runners with drivers ahead of time. Instead, we will “coral” the runners with drivers on the fly. Once volunteers have enjoyed their complimentary pizza they will be matched up with drivers and sent to your respective routes.

If you have family members or friends that will be your runners, that makes registering even easier! Please just note on your reply email to me, “I have my own runners.”

I hope this new system will reduce wait times and that routes will be completed earlier, making it an earlier evening for everyone!


We are working to make routes more uniform in time, effort and collection, and have been told that the sharing of routes last year created some confusion. Please email me at rob.fraser@tldsb.on.ca with your feedback and suggestions to help us as we make improvements this year. We appreciate your patience.

With gratitude, I thank you in advance,

Rob Fraser [rob.fraser@tldsb.on.ca]

PS – Please feel free to share this with any of your friends or co-workers who may want to volunteer!