2019 Muskoka Municipal Food Bank Challenge

2019 Muskoka Municipal Food Bank Challenge

Steve Crowell at the District of Muskoka thought a municipal food drive would be a great way to support the community during the holiday season; and voila, the “2019 Muskoka Municipal Food Bank Challenge” was born. Great idea!

The call went out to area municipalities for food and cash donations; it was a friendly competition to see which municipality could collect the most food per staff member.  

Manna is happy to report that the competition generated a great deal of interest. Here are District and Town employees with some of the food raised.

The food and cash donated by District and Town of Bracebridge staff will help us provide for our clients, who come from Bracebridge, Gravenhurst and beyond. 

Who won? We’ll let leave it to them to share that info. They know who they are. 😉

The fact is, the true winners of the challenge are the Manna Food Bank and the clients we serve. We hope it was fun and thank everyone for their generous participation.