Award for Manna Volunteers

Award for Manna Volunteers

June 2, 2018 — Here is what the Town of Bracebridge had to say in presenting Manna’s 2018 Community Volunteer Recognition Award.

Image of Community Volunteer Recognition Award, presented to the volunteers of the Manna Food Bank by the Town of Bracebridge.
Presented to the volunteers of the Manna Food Bank by the Town of Bracebridge on May 29, 2018.


“The Bracebridge Outstanding Volunteer Achievement Award recognizes individuals and groups for outstanding volunteer contributions to their communities and to the Province. This year’s recipients are the volunteers of the Manna Food Bank.

In 1983, a group of clergy from the Town of Bracebridge recognized the need to assist struggling local families. They formed a committee and began helping. By 1993, that need became so great that Manna Food Bank was incorporated.

Since that time, the Manna Food Bank has fulfilled the ever increasing need. Nearly 100 volunteers offer their time and their service to provide food for over 600 families here in our community.

Because the Manna Food Bank relies entirely on donations and the support from our community, every volunteer provides an invaluable service to ensure continued operation.

The roles of the volunteers vary. Some assume roles on the Board of Directors or as officers while others perform duties which include:

  • the placement and monitoring of food donation boxes in the community which are then collected and sorted
  • taking weekly inventory of the food on hand and placing orders at local grocery stores to replenish stock
  • coordinating delivery of those orders to the food bank and restocking shelves
  • serving on a team of up to 5 which include a pre-interviewer, an interviewer and 3 packers; and,
  • assisting with fundraising endeavours.

Each volunteer is sensitive to the needs of every client and fully recognizes that all individuals leave their pride and dignity outside their doors before entering. They assist clients twice a week and ensure that all information remains confidential. Some of the volunteers have been with the organization since 1997 in a variety of roles, while over 20 individuals have served for 10 years or more.

Unfortunately, we recognize the growing need of the services of a food bank here in Bracebridge and applaud all those who unselfishly serve that demand.

Ladies and gentlemen please welcome Sam Robinson, current president of the Manna Food Bank who will accept the Bracebridge Outstanding Volunteer Achievement Award on behalf of all the volunteers who devote their service.”

Congratulations to all of you who donate your time and talent to Manna. This is for you!

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