Hunger Count 2011–Ontario Provincial Report

Hunger Count 2011–Ontario Provincial Report

An annual profile of those who used food banks in Ontario in 2010-2011, courtesy of the Ontario Association of Food Banks, of which the Manna Food Bank is a member.

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Some general points: As of March 2011

  • 395,106 individuals accessed Ontario food banks
  • 37.5% were children under 18
  • 63% of households receiving food were rental market tenants
  • 25% lived in social housing
  • 10.5% were gainfully employed
  • 44.5% depended on social assistance
  • 27.5% received disability-related income supports
  • 10% of those assisted in March were turning to food banks for the first time
  • 15% of food banks ran out of food during the survey period

Click on the image to download the full report. PDF document.