Manna AGM

Manna AGM

December 15, 2015 — Yesterday the Manna Food Bank held its AGM at the Bracebridge United Church.

For those who wish to know what’s been going on with Manna during the last year, here is the text of the President’s Report.

President Report 2015 – at the Manna AGM, Monday December 14, 2014
By Wendee Cameron

Each year brings its challenges and accomplishments and the year 2014/15 has been no exception.

A Brief Summary:

As a result of the time and efforts of Lu Clark and Fyonna Vanderwerf, we now have a succession plan in place which has been approved at today’s AGM.

‘Point persons’ or ‘go-to persons’ were designated in order for the individual clearing telephone or email messages to best direct media and community enquiries. These will change as needs or positions change throughout the year. Thanks to Barry Dryland for managing our website and Facebook activity.

George Reid and Sam Robinson are tackling the review of job descriptions and creating parameters for several new positions such as Past President, Social Media and Communications.

Kudos to Fyonna for taking the initiative in obtaining a grant through Canada Food Banks and for making it happen. “Kitchen Kids” was highly successful.

We nibbled away at our Metroland credit balance of $1800 as a result of the charity subscription program which allowed us to do more advertising through the year.

Simcoe Muskoka Health Unit granted us a pass with flying colours in January 2015, probably due to our new location.

Through the generosity of Fenner Dunlop and a $1000 donation, we purchased hams for our clients at Easter.

After seeking input from our various partners….clients, volunteers, donors, Metroland and YIG, the Board decided not to pursue a “grocery card” program. Thanks to the leadership of Peter McLaren, Bill Powesland and Karen Terry on this item.

A cleaner was secured, Brian McAsey, for two hours on a bi-weekly basis, thanks to Jackie for putting the details together.

A Closing Policy was established to deal with snow days when assigned Teams or Interviewers are unable to get to the food bank.

Thanks to members of Team 3 who not only reviewed the current Manna Cook book but also brought forth the idea and implementation of “starter kits” (makings of a meal) which has been very well received by the clients.

A Grant Committee will be established in the upcoming year to develop a strategic plan for year 2016 which will allow the Board to be proactive in pursuing grants rather than reactive.

We were instrumental in approaching the District of Muskoka to co-ordinate a meeting of all food banks in the area. We anxiously await their follow-up.

Most recently, as a result of the workmanship of the students at St. Dominic’s and the co-ordination of Marty Scarlett, we are the proud new owners of four wooden donation boxes that can be used through the community.

In April we learned that the owners of TDCI, our landlord, was in receivership. Fortunately the new owners of the building have offered us the same rental agreement but they have asked us to move locations. We are working toward that move.

In October we experienced our most successful Muskoka Old Timers Community Food Drive under the very capable leadership of Garry Thompson.

None of this would be made possible without the efforts of many. I am very grateful for those who serve on the executive and make it the strong organization that it is.

It truly is a “working” Board and it works because everyone pitches in and I thank you all for that!

Of course, we are only a small part of the organization…..we could not provide the service that we do without the commitment of our Tuesday/Friday Teams, the weekly stockers and the large number of volunteers who assist on our annual Food Drive night. Our clients benefit from the overwhelming generosity of your community at large.

The food bank started as a result of numerous requests to our Bracebridge community clergy for “just a few groceries”. Manna Food Bank subsequently opened its doors in October 1989. We now serve over 648 families. It is only with the community’s generous donations of money and food and our 80 plus volunteers that we are able to provide for those experiencing economic hardships.

It has been a pleasure to serve as your president, in fact it has been fun! I know the upcoming executive will meet the challenges ahead with enthusiasm and commitment. You can make a difference!

Wendee Cameron
-December 14, 2015