May 2011 News

May 2011 News

YIGs celebrates ten years in BracebridgeYIGs Food Drive Results

A big thank you to the Gagnons and everyone at Your Independent Grocer for organizing and hosting the Manna food drive in April, and of course, to you grocery shoppers who bought a bag of food for Manna.

We’re thrilled to tell you that Manna pantry has received the equivalent of 1000 bags of food. The cash value is $11,750.

Goal was reached thanks to benefactor

This is the third such food drive, and the goal this year was to sell 1000 bags. A little bird tells us that when an out-of-town business owner learned that this year’s drive would fall short of its goal, he made up the difference of 233 bags, or $3,500!

We thank you so much for your generosity!

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Envelope Campaign — so far…

In addition to the food you donate, the Manna Food Bank is always grateful for financial donations. We use the money to buy commonly-used items that are in short supply, like baby formula and canned pasta.

In early April you may have noticed a Manna Food Bank envelope in your Weekender. Manna’s Annual Envelope Campaign is intended to make it easier for those wishing to make a financial contribution to do so.

Some donors send them right in, whereas others tuck them away for later. As of late April, Manna has received 88 envelopes containing cheques totalling $6,430.

Thanks for your help!

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