Monck Public School takes a bite out of hunger

Monck Public School takes a bite out of hunger

children trick-or-treating
Monck is designated a WE School through Free the Children Foundation. "WE" will change the world by taking one major local action and one global action this year.

Thank you to our friends at Monck Public School. October is “take a bite out of hunger” month. Food brought in throughout October will be collected by student parliament members and delivered to the Manna Food Bank.


October 11 to 14: Bring in two non-perishable food items* and students can purchase a cookie gram for their friends.

October 14: Vampire Day: Students get to dress up as a vampire for the day if they–yep, bring in two non-perishable food items.

October 28: Check out the Haunted House created by Mr. Reisenburg’s class. Price of entry: Two non-perishable food items.

Oct 31: Hallowe’en for Hunger: Trick or Treating students are encouraged to collect canned goods as well as candy, to be brought in to Monck on November 1st.

Donated food is to be given to the Manna Food Bank. Thanks so much, everyone!

*Items most needed by Manna are: Canned goods (fish, juice, meat, milk, pasta, pasta sauce, vegetables), Dried goods (rice, cereal, crackers, pasta, macaroni and cheese), Staples (flour, powdered milk, peanut butter, jam, baby formula).