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New Client Information

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What Now?

The Manna Food Bank is located at 345 Ecclestone Drive, Unit 45, Bracebridge, and is open on Tuesdays from 1 to 6:30 pm and Fridays from 1pm to 4pm, statutory holidays excepted.

Staying Safe From COVID-19

Due to COVID-19 pandemic we have had to change how we interact with clients in order to keep everyone safe.

  • All requests for groceries must be pre-ordered, either online or by telephone. Orders must be received PRIOR to 6 p.m. the day before you collect your groceries.
  • For telephone orders call 705-646-0114 and leave a message with your name and telephone number. A volunteer will call you to take your order.
  • To place an order online, please fill out this grocery form.
  • Clients can no longer enter the food bank. When you arrive, Manna volunteers will bring your groceries out to you.

How the Grocery Form Works

Each Manna client is assigned a certain number of points, based on the number of people in your family.

Points per Family
Updated September 17,2021

On the grocery order form, each item has a point value. Peanut butter is worth 3 points, and canned pasta is worth 1 point, for example. You then select what you need, using up the value of points that you are assigned, and volunteers assemble your groceries.

Fill out and submit your grocery list online, or you can phone the food bank at 705-646-0114, leave a message and a volunteer will call you back to take your grocery order over the phone.

Questions? Send us an email at or call us at the number above and leave a message and a volunteer will call you back.