New & Improved Grocery Order Form

New & Improved Grocery Order Form

Poster that says Grocery Order Form, New & Improved!

Now that everyone has had some time to get used to using our online grocery order form, we are taking the opportunity to take some of the bugs out. Introducing our “new and improved” online grocery form.

Summary of Changes:

  • We’ve made it prettier. 🙂
  • We have re-ordered the items to make it easier for both clients and volunteers to make selections
  • We have condensed the items text to make the form shorter, to use less paper when printing
  • We have added a summary section so you know when you’ve gone over your point limit
  • We have added a Additional Items section so you can request items we sometimes have available or you can share your ideas and suggestions
  • We have moved the pick-up time to the top and made it more prominent. It is helpful for us to know when you are coming.

Here it is! > New online grocery form. (opens in new browser window)

We hope you like it! Let us know if you have questions. We welcome your ideas and suggestions.

Stay safe, everyone!

-Your friends at the Manna Food Bank.