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1.  Briefly outline what you know about the Manna Food Bank


2. What skills would you bring to Manna Food Bank? (eg office skills, team player, etc)



3. Please list any volunteer positions you have held.



Manna Food Bank is operated by a working Board of Directors who ensure that the food bank runs smoothly.  There is no paid staff.  We rely solely on the participation of our volunteers to help meet the needs of our clients.

4. What do you think the underlying reasons are for someone to access a food bank?



We require volunteers when the food bank is open on Tuesdays and Fridays for packing groceries and interacting with clients.  We also need volunteers for stocking the shelves on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  On occasion, volunteers are needed for food donation pick-up and during our annual food drive in October.

Please respond to the following:

1.  Are you available for a regularly scheduled shift monthly? Would you prefer to be an on-call substitute?



2. Which of the above regularly scheduled positions are you interested in?



3. Would you be available to pick up groceries from the community when needed? A large vehicle may be necessary.