UPDATE: Pre-Orders Only!

UPDATE: Pre-Orders Only!

Manna clients use a grocery form to tell the food bank what foods they are requesting. Due to concerns about COVID-19, we came up with safer ways for clients to submit their grocery forms as well as client information.

Please use the links shown in the information below to access the grocery order form. The client information form must be filled in by new clients before their first food pickup.

Please note when you arrive at the food bank for your first visit some photo ID will be required.

Due to Covid-19 the food bank has further altered the way we interact with clients, beginning November, 2020

  • Clients will not enter the food bank
  • All requests for groceries must be pre-ordered either on-line or by telephone. NOTE! After you order, our volunteer will email or phone back with your ORDER Number.
  • Orders must be received PRIOR to 6 p.m. the day before you collect your groceries
  • For telephone orders call 705 646 0114 and leave your name and telephone number. A Volunteer will call you to take your order.


The Points System

Every family receives a number of points with which they select their groceries. The number of points you receive depends on the number of people in your family. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the point level has been increased by 10 per category. See updated chart below.

Points Per Family Diagram

Submit Your Form Online

You can now fill out and submit your Grocery Form Online. Please submit your request the day prior to attending the food bank. Look for a confirmation email, and note the date and time of the email.

If you’re a new client: You will need to provide answers to New Client questions. Please bring along photo ID on your first visit. Note that your information is confidential. You can fill out the questions online starting in November.

Submit Your Form By Telephone

Or you can phone the food bank at 705-646-0114 a volunteer will take your order over the phone. Please leave a message if we do not pick up, and we will call you back as soon as possible to take your order and provide you with your ORDER NUMBER.

This is new for us, and we appreciate your feedback to help make this process work as smoothly as possible. If you have difficulty with the form or have questions or concerns, email us at info@mannafoodbank.ca or call us at 705-646-0114 (leave a message if we don’t pick up and we’ll call you back). To minimize your wait time and to help the Manna volunteers, please call us the day before you plan to come in. Thank you!

Click the image below to start filling in your online grocery form. Please submit your request the day prior to attending the food bank.

Image of the online grocery form
Now you can fill in and submit your grocery form online.

PICKING UP YOUR ORDER ( after November 1, 2020)

Your pre-order is to be picked up outside the food bank.
Food Bank Hours are Tuesday and Friday (with the exception of statutory holidays) between 1 and 4 p.m.

Select your pick-up time: 1-2 pm, or 2-3 pm, or 3-4 pm.

When you arrive at the food bank call 705 646 0114 to advise the Volunteer you have arrived and provide your order number (which will be given to you when your order is confirmed) and your name.

A Volunteer will bring your groceries to the door.

You must wear a mask or face shield and keep physically distanced