St. Dom’s walks a mile in tire shoes

St. Dom’s walks a mile in tire shoes

The whole group presenting cheques to Interval House and to Manna. Mr. Strong, the Principal at St. Dominics, is on the right, and teacher Marty Scarlett on the left. The cheques are gratefully received by Rachelle Walker of Interval House and Sam Robinson of Manna.

The students in Marty Scarlett’s class at St. Dominics Catholic School in Bracebridge were recently involved in a project creating sandals out of used motor vehicle tires. You may have seen some coverage in the local papers recently.

This came about as a result of a trip some students at St. Doms’s had taken to Africa where they saw folks there wearing such sandals. They thought it would be an excellent opportunity for the kids to understand how others live.

Realizing they have so much, the students then took it upon themselves to go without lunches, or snacks, and donated the money saved equally to Manna and Interval House.

Here is Estella Emery, wearing the sandals she created.