Tonight’s the Night! Oldtimers Fall Food Drive for Manna

Tonight’s the Night! Oldtimers Fall Food Drive for Manna

A volunteer collects food for Manna
Student volunteer Aidan collecting donations for Manna.

This is the biggest day of the year for the Manna Food Bank. The day that the whole community works together to stock Manna up for the winter.

Volunteers will be going door to door covering most of Bracebridge this evening, collecting non-perishable food donations. They will  (probably) be coming past your house. If you plan to donate, please set your contribution outside your door by about 5pm so they can move through quickly. There are about 60 routes to cover between about 5pm and 8:30 pm.

Manna also gratefully accepts cheques, addressed to the Manna Food Bank. Manna is a charitable organization, and if you include your email address we can send you a tax receipt.

We try to cover the entire town, but a few streets get missed. If yours is one of them you can contact us for a pick-up or take your donation to one of the bins around town year-round.

Thank you to everyone who makes the food drive a success!