Town of Bracebridge Provides Support During COVID-19

Town of Bracebridge Provides Support During COVID-19

The Manna Food Bank is grateful for the support it is receiving from the Town of Bracebridge amid the Coronavirus pandemic. Below is a media release issued by the Town on March 30, 2020.

BRACEBRIDGE, ON – The Town of Bracebridge recognizes how essential the service of Manna Food Bank is during the COVID-19 pandemic. On March 30, 2020, the Town of Bracebridge donated $5,000 to Manna Food Bank in order to support families in the community during this time.

Town staff have also been supporting the Manna Food Bank by assisting with the collection of food from grocery stores while Manna volunteers have been unable to assist as a result of COVID-19.

Sam Robinson, President of the Manna Food Bank stated, “Kudos to the Town of Bracebridge for being so supportive of Manna Food Bank and the clients we serve during these challenging times.”

“Public Works Department staff were made available to collect our weekly grocery order from local sources when our long standing team had to withdraw their services due to the virus. The potential for this support to continue as we deal with the impact of the virus is extremely important to Manna. The significant financial donation of $5,000 will greatly assist us in keeping our shelves stocked as we prepare for what we expect will be a dramatic increase in the numbers of those seeking a hand up. At Manna we are adapting our approach of reaching those who suddenly find themselves in need during these unsettling times and the Town has offered some assistance in participating in this endeavour also. The generous and compassionate nature of our residents is what sets Bracebridge apart from others and the Town is leading the way! Thank you so very much,” said Robinson.

“The COVID-19 virus is having a severe impact on our community,” said Mayor Graydon Smith. “I am beyond grateful for the service that the Manna Food Bank provides to the residents of Bracebridge. All members of Council and I are pleased to support the food bank in this way.”

As the impact of the virus continues to develop in the community, it is anticipated that the number of families seeking support will grow dramatically beyond the 600 families Manna Food Bank currently serves.
Through the efforts of their dedicated volunteers, new measures are being put in place to reduce or completely eliminate the need for any in-person contact when individuals are collecting their supplies.

For those families needing the support of Manna Food Bank, please contact the organization directly by calling: 705-646-0114 or emailing: