Update on Muskoka Lodge 360’s Manna Campaign

Update on Muskoka Lodge 360’s Manna Campaign

Muskoka Lodge 360 logoMuskoka Lodge 360 is continuing its ongoing campaign to help out the clients of the Manna Food Bank.

As of early May, the Lodge had collected an impressive 1,720lbs of food, putting them very close to their goal of 2000lbs.

“The Pennies for Manna initiative has done very well too,” added past master Mike Blakely. “We hope to start rolling soon.” The group’s members have filled two 16-litre water bottles so far.

Masonic Food & Donation Drive: June 1st

If you are picking up groceries at the Metro in Bracebridge on June 1st, please contribute generously to the group’s Masonic Food & Donation Drive. Volunteers will be there from 10 till 2. “We’re hoping this raises lots of money for Manna,” added Blakely.