Yoga event raises 1000 items for Manna

Yoga event raises 1000 items for Manna

Power of Movement, March 5, 2012
Power of Movement, a yoga fundraiser held in Bracebridge on Sunday March 4, 2012

Many thanks to Manna volunteer Fyonna Vanderwerf, recreation programmer for fitness and climbing for Bracebridge Parks and Recreation.

Fyonna organized The Power of Movement, a winter challenge yoga event that took place on Sunday March 4 that raised more than 1,000 items for the Manna Food Bank.

Power of Movement is national event, a Canada-wide yoga fundraiser for arthritis and other immune disorders that encourages people to be active during the winter.

This is the first time the event has been held in Bracebridge, and Fyonna went over and above, adding a local flavour to it by asking participants to bring in items for Manna.

“I love the national approach, it did bring extra people,” she said, “but I’m a huge fan of  making a difference on a local level too. People can see the direct impact of that.”

Thanks for going that extra mile and thinking of Manna!